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A Bible-based church making known the Christian faith

Back Together

As a result of the change of the government guidance we started to meet back at our church premises on July 5th. You can view our risk assessment here which was produced before we moved back.

Should you wish to come and join with us please could you read this document which provides full information about the present basis of us meeting together.

As we transition to being back in the building our service arrangements may change from week to week. Please see our facebook page here for up to date details or get in touch on the contact details below.

We want to help if you have questions

Many people are asking some big questions at this time.  Questions like ‘Where is God during this pandemic?’  or ‘Is there a spiritual reason behind these circumstances?’  Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about these things.  We can also recommend a few leaflets or books which aim to provide some answers.

Hope beyond coronavirus book      Where is God in a coronavirus world book     Coronavirus and Christ book


Hope beyond Coronavirus is a short 2-page leaflet. You can download it for free and read it here.

Where is God in a Coronavirus world? is available to purchase here as either a paperback or a digital download.  There is an interview on YouTube with the author, Professor John Lennox, talking about questions about coronavirus and God here.

Coronavirus and Christ is a free e-book which you can download here.

How to contact us

Please call:
The church building on 020 8844 0352
Mark on 07999 757563
Zach on 07875 206122

Alternatively email us:

Visit us on FaceBook:

Here at Feltham Evangelical Church you will find people from over 25 different nations including Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Korea, Jamaica and many more. You may ask yourself the question: what brings nations together?

The answer is found in Jesus Christ.

Our society champions love and unity, yet what we see is a broken society and disunity. Why not come and find out more about the Jesus of the Bible, and discover what really brings nations together to live in love and unity?

Feltham Evangelical Church (FEC) has been a part of the community for over 200 years in different guises. It moved to its present location as a result of a road widening scheme in the early 1960’s. Previously the church occupied premises on the High Street. We are not a sect or a new religious movement. On the contrary, we are a group of Christians who live in or near Feltham, and believe the same Christian gospel which first reached these shores eighteen centuries ago.

It is good news that we wish to share with you. You will find a selection of personal accounts of how ordinary people have come to know and love the living God. You will see from their experiences that the gospel is for all, regardless of background and culture.

It is not about following religious practices but a real life-changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 




I was born 1962 and spent my early years in Cheshire. I became a born-again Christian and was baptized in 1986. I joined FEC in 2001 and became the pastor of the church in 2004. I worked as a surveyor from 1986 to 2009. In 1996 I married May Lin from Malaysia and together we have four sons; Michael, Josh, Daniel and Zech.



I am originally from Ethiopia and I came to the UK in 1989 as my father was an aircraft engineer. I came from a Coptic Christian background and I became a born-again Christian when I was around the age of 17 and whilst at Kingston College. I am one of 7 siblings and presently serving as an Elder at FEC. I am married to Amy and we have three children Emmilija, Elias and Helina. I am currently working in L.B. Hounslow within children and families team.