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I am a parent. I am a failing parent. Therefore, I do not come to this study as the oracle of all virtue on the subject. I, in many ways, come as a needy learner. I come not as an expert, but a failure who is seeking to learn to be a better parent. So […]

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Coping With Stress

First of all I want to make it clear that I do not approach this issue as the one who has got this matter all “sorted out”. I am NOT the expert seeking to pass on all my learned wisdom. In fact, as I come to this issue, I feel very much a failure and […]

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The Way We Are At Work

We live in a world where there are different views of work. Some view it as the most important part of their lives; such people tend to get their identity through their work. These people, in a sense, worship their jobs. On the other hand there are people who want to be finished with work […]

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Family Worship

We, as Christians, are called to engage in the appreciation of our God; we are called to worship. There are two particular areas which we tend to emphasise as being critically important in our worship; we worship God in church and and we worship God individually. However, there is an area for worship, which we […]

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Does God Heal Today?

Does God Heal Today? A little question, but the cause of big disputes! The whole issue of healing has been a source of controversy among Christians particularly over these last fifty years. There are claims of this and that, here and there, and the further you get from home the more dramatic the claims seem […]

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The Feltham Journey 2019/2020

Come and join us on the Feltham Journey, a daily Bible reading plan spanning the whole of the Bible in two years! For more details about how to get involved with our Whatsapp discussion group and monthly meet-ups, do get in touch with Mark Henderson, church evangelist, at . Click here for a PDF of […]

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