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Friendship or Fellowship: What’s the Difference?

Friendship and fellowship; are they the same or is there a difference? Let us lookinitially at defining our terms. Friendship is a relationship with another person whichinvolves caring, sharing and loyalty. Fellowship is a sharing of an interest or activitywith one or more people. These are the working definitions that I am going to use inthis study. Let us seek to develop them some more.

For true friendship there must be some interest in the other person that manifests ina caring attitude. Then there is a sharing of your life, time and possessions with thatperson. And finally there is loyalty; the relationship is not just a casual thing. But,rather abides through the turbulences of life; there is a commitment to that person.Whether you call someone you know, a friend or an acquaintance depends uponthe degree to which you care, share and are loyal to that person.

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